Live Scan Fees

BOX IT PLUS Live Scan fees:

  • $32 for the state, Department Of Justice (DOJ) fingerprint submission
  • $17 for the Federal Bureau Of Investigation (FBI) fingerprint submission (DOJ)
  • $25 for the Child Abuse Index Check (CAIC) fingerprint submission
  • $25 for Record Review, Department of Justice (DOJ) fingerprint submission
  • $30 for FBI fingerprint submission – Record Review (DOCE)
  • $38 for the Firearms fingerprint submission
  • $25 for the Rolling Fee, to roll your fingerprints
  • Aviation Lives Scans, billed by the “National Air Transportation Association (NATA)”
  • $13 a single Hard Card fingerprinting or $25 for 2 Cards
*The average cost of a live scan transaction is $75.00, which include the DOJ-$32, FBI-$17, a Rolling Fee-$25 & a Submission Fee $1.00.  The DOJ and FBI fees are standard from location to location, the rolling fee is the only Fee that will vary.
1. You must bring 2 or 3 copies (whichever is applicable) of the “Request For Live Scan Service Form” with you to your appointment or Walk-In.
2. It is very important that you have the correct form.  Neither the DOJ or the FBI will issue you a refund once the transaction has been submitted.
3. If you are not sure whether or not you have the correct form, please contact whomever is requiring you to be fingerprinted and have them direct you to the proper form.
Methods of Payment:
  • Cash
  • Credit Card – (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover), $1.00 Surcharge
  • Debit Card – $1.00 Surcharge
  • NO CHECKS PLEASE (Except: Corporate accounts)